3d man white human, stock character

Versatile 3d man character

The 3d man character is flexible, comes with a lot of variations and it's easy to integrate in your projects.
A high quality 3d character always adds a friendly and inviting look and feel to your projects. Our illustrations will make your web and print designs stand out from the crowd. 3d man will look great on any personal portfolio website. Also business card designs, logo templates, brochures, flyers or cover designs would benefit from using our character. We did our best to make the 3d man character easy to use and compose with other designs.

3d man working at the office

We have designed the 3d man character suitable for any web and print related project.It’s a great idea to have a 3d character placed on your artwork, they produce a friendly look and feel. That’s great when you need to promote products and services.

3d man character roles

The 3d man character is often depict in different roles and situations. For example we can see him as an avid traveler with a backpack and a modern gps.Some other time he is a teacher in class, drawing a big map on the blackboard. He can also be a smart businessman. Searching for new opportunities using his big binoculars.

Our character is very active, training hard on his race bike wearing a blue helmet. Also when it comes to politics our 3d man is quite involved, pictured addressing the crowd from a tribune. If you're looking for a great employee we have him here working at his desk. Supporting customers is one of his best suits.

3d girl character

The 3d man character has a better half, the 3d girl ! She is the one keeping all thing in order at the office working on a laptop. As a teacher she is presenting new lessons close to the blackboard. In time of need she is also a cute doctor helping at the hospital. Some other time she might work at the spa center giving awesome massages to the customers.

3d man businessman

A great businessman is always ready for new challenges and up to date with the latest technologies. Our 3d man businessman definitely looks like a guy that is willing to take risks. But at the same time he knows how to relax and have a break at the office.

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