Interior rooms, stock images of architectural visualizations

We have a large selection of interior rooms to choose from. No matter if you're a traditionalist, minimalist or trendsetter, we have the best architectural stock images for you. More interiors can be found in our online catalog. Some of the interiors are highlighted below.

Contemporary creative photographer desk

This is a modern desk of a creative person. It features the necessary tools to get the job done. We have a modern computer with a digital tablet,books, phone and an old school camera. The coffee is hot and the work day can begin.

Modern office building reception area

This office building uses a glass facade to bring plenty of light inside. The interior is minimalist with a modern vibe.

The second interior uses a white finish for a modern and clean look. A warm tone is added by using the lighting on the upper hallway.

Modern loft interior rooms

A luxury residence interior with a living room wall, tv screen, speakers and furniture. It has a clean look with almost white furniture contrasting the gray wall. There are ceiling windows pushing natural light into the living room.The modern lamp is adding a touch of warmth to the room.

Modern home offfice

A modern office furnished with a wooden desk and apparent brick wall. The laptop computer, phone and notes book complete the tools needed for the home office.
The books, green plant, lamp and hot coffee signal a great start of the morning.

Contemporary interior rooms

The room has wooden parquet floor, modern hanging lamps and a painted wall. Some of the wall drawing are related to the business domain. Concepts, graphs and flow charts are painted on.
The abstract polygonal white wall room has a geometric pattern. A modern, clean look is achieved by contrasting the white wall with the gray concrete floor.

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