Exterior houses, beautiful architectural stock images

We have a good selection of exterior houses designs to choose from and some of them are presented here. Whether you're a traditionalist, minimalist or trendsetter, there is an architectural style suited for you. In addition, if you like an old-fashioned look, sleek, modern exteriors or Art-deco style those can be found in our catalog too.

Contemporary house exterior

This house facade is a mix between white paint and wood-like slats running around the building. For a contemporary look,  the slats are built horizontally with small spaces between them. Also the horizontal lines are used to accentuate the upper side windows.

Modern office building and block of flats

This office building uses a glass facade to bring plenty of light inside. The support columns gives the building a modern vibe.

The second building combines concrete with a wooden finish for a modern and clean look. As a result by using the masking patterns over the glass a touch of style is added to the construct.

Luxury house exterior houses

This is a luxury residence, exterior house of a contemporary style. Unsurpassed quality and attention to detail are evident throughout the house.  There are expansive windows throughout the structures bringing stunning light into the living room and dining room.

Contemporary white exterior

The recent trend toward simplicity in decor can be summed up in a single color: white. This is a neutral white render style is perfect for compositing with other design elements. The versatile hue has the power to highlight certain features of your house without overtake others.  These exterior homes stand out in polished white, with styles from clapboard to modern stucco or another glass elements.

Exterior bank building stilized

The columns on the building look strong giving the whole bank a more modern look.
This exterior is rendered in a neutral white shade perfect for compositing in your designs.

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