Minimalist interior rooms, stock images of architectural visualizations

We have a large selection of interior rooms to choose from. No matter if you're a traditionalist, minimalist or trendsetter, we have the best architectural stock images for you. More interiors are found in our online catalog. Check out some of the interiors, highlighted below.

White contemporary style living room

This is a contemporary style living room with furniture. It features a home audio system, LCD TV and shelves with lots of books. White wood furniture with decorative panels and white floors.

Modern office building reception area

This office building interior features an elevator with open doors. The white finish gives-it a modern and clean look. A warm tone is added by using the lighting on the walls.

Modern loft interior room

A luxury residence interior with a living room wall, tv screen, speakers and furniture. It has a clean look with almost white furniture contrasting the gray wall. There are ceiling windows pushing natural light into the living room. The modern lamp cast a warm light on the wall.

Modern store display

A modern store display with big hanging lamps and white tiled wall. The glass display is illuminated with spots. Also the floors are finished in white, herring bone parquet.

Contemporary interior spaces

The exposition room has white floors with big wooden decorative sculptures. It has a futuristic look and big windows that provide plenty of light.

This is a white photo studio with a large backdrop. A modern look is achieved using concrete beams, apparent brick wall and gray tiles on the floor.

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