Customized images

Beside 3d stock imagery we also provide images suited for your specific needs. If you cannot find what you need on the site or maybe you want some of the current images modified, please contact us and we will take it from there. Any custom images would be provided with an alpha channel for easy composting with other designs.

How much it costs ?

The cost of the 3D image it's based on several factors like resolution, complexity and time needed to produce the image. Therefore it's impossible for us to give you a price without reviewing your custom 3D image request. As a guideline, a custom 3D image would costs more than a stock one that has similar level of detail and/or complexity. Exclusive 3D image also cost much more since you'll have exclusive usage rights to that 3D image. The production time depends on the complexity of the images, the resolution needed for the final images and the feedback provided. When you contact us for a custom job you will get an estimate based on the provided details.

High priority rushed jobs

We also do cater for rushed jobs with looming deadlines. Be sure to let us know the level of urgency and we will do our best to fulfill your request. Of course we charge a bit more for these special jobs. 3D stock images can be particularly useful in print design and web projects when you need to create something quickly and you don't have the time or resources for a custom image. Our custom 3D images can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional illustration and can be rendered in a variety of poses and angles.

Flexible resolutions and 3d services

The customized 3d images can be provided at higher resolutions if needed and can be delivered in a wide range of formats according to your needs. In addition we can provide custom 3D models with hand-painted textures for your projects. From photo-real to wacky cartoon we strive to go beyond the usual for our 3d services. Need a few changes on an existing 3D Model? We can help with that too! We provide model optimization, cleanup, UV mapping, rigging and texturing for your existing model. In addition to that we can provide high polygon count detailed models from low poly and vice versa.
For more advanced 3d graphics or architectural visualization imagery please visit: DNY3D